AskOLi: Generative AI Technology for Instant Workplace Answers

Experience the power of Generative AI to answer questions your employees have about the workplace in a concise and simple way.

What Can AskOLiTM Do?

Knowledge Management Can’t:

Understand Users question to present the right response

Present clear next steps

Let you get information from other vendors


AskOLiTM Can:

Provide the brief with steps to take rather than point to an article

Provide responses that are more conversational that articles

As employees ask questions OLi can suggest marketplace vendors that can provide proprietary content

How it works

Step 1

Upload your content

Choose from popular storage providers, internal docs, Knowledge Management Systems, and more!

Step 2

Train your content securely

We will train your data based on the business objective with the right prompts and let you seamlessly use different models based on your needs

Step 3

Sift through the results

Get conversation results that can speed up your work and know what is working across the enterprise.

Choose Your Plan

Select Features

Thank You for your interest. One of our associates will contact you to discuss the possibilities of transforming the Digital Assistant experience.