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Boost customer experience with OLiTM improving customer interactions is a continuous journey, OLi assists in behavioral change without changing your compensation plan

Picture of Randy Steinle

Randy Steinle

CEO/Co-Founder @ Cyber Trust Alliance

“The first time I saw OLi, I could immediately envision the impact it could make in our healthcare compliance and security business. There are a multitude of solutions attempting to take on challenges of security and vulnerability management, but rarely do they address the single most critical item . . . the human component. OLi monitors both machine behavior as well as human behavior for security gaps and vulnerabilities, and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s the single most exciting and effective new technology on the market in this space!”

Data Driven Insights

With the power of GenAI to personalize coaching, micro learning, wellness and advanced gamification to reinvent your contact center operations.

Dataken Clients Experience:

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Reduction in attrition
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Work Optimization and Productivity Trends

  • Observe productivity and efficiency to understand business activity
  • Schedule meetings and training during business downtime
  • Minimize distractions, while fostering better focus habits

Drill Down to Know Process Granularity

  • Drill down by role, team or frequency to understand process variations across teams or regions
  • Identify the most valuable and quick places to insert automation
  • Know the most granular information possible to collect and identify patterns

Employee Engagement & Culture

  • Create small achievable personal goals and drive change
  • Target KPIs needed to target specific improvement
  • Compare historical performance and trends

Tailored Wellness Initiatives for Contact Centers

  • Ai-driven personalized wellness behaviors to reduce stress
  • Motivate and drive 80% adoption to wellness activities
  • Customer service reps work under a lot of stress, present the right wellness activities to reset mental focus and eliminate stress

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