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Cost Transformation for The Modern Enterprise

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In today’s turbulent and rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for cost transformation has become more crucial than ever. It is not just about cutting costs,but it’s about sustaining that performance and strategically aligning cost management with business growth. Dataken’s AI platform can assist in building sustainable cost transformation efforts by helping to address fundamental questions such as: what are the root causes of my excess costs?, how can I implement new processes to reduce inefficiency?, and how do I manage the change process to embed adjustments into my company’s culture?

Platform AI for Lasting Cost Transformation

Process Optimization

Dataken’s AI platform utilizes multiple AI approaches that can identify inefficiencies and suggest alternative paths. It can then help with implementing these new practices through predictive analysis and reinforce preferred methodologies.

Technology Integration

As processes are optimized, technologies that automate and integrate can be leveraged to eliminate repetitive and routine tasks. Dataken’s intelligent assistants help with adoption and integration of new technologies to not only reduce manual labor but also bring about improvements in accuracy and speed.

Employee Engagement

Ultimately, your company's most precious resource is its’ human resource. Dataken’s AI platform focuses on the human interaction with technology making employees part of the solution. By identifying opportunities to automate repetitive and routine tasks, employees are free to focus on more valuable interactions and deliver value to your customers. Additionally, they can be coached at a personal level to foster a culture of efficiency and accountability.

Case Studies

Our customers across telecom, IT Services & BPO have reaped the benefits of cost transformation. Implementing process automation in their customer service units has resulted in as much as a 12% reduction in operational costs from behavioral improvements alone.  Combine this with Technology Integration & Employee Engagement initiatives and Dataken clients supercharge transformation efforts leading to sustainable cost improvement.

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