Do You Really Know How Work Gets Done at Your Company?

Discover Your Workplace Patterns

OLi is an AI-powered, digital transformation platform that provides remarkable insight into how work truly gets done.

Not just how you think it happens, but how your employees really use the various digital tools provided to perform their work. OLi is simple to install and can begin gathering insights overnight.
To help you on your transformation journey, we are offering our Base Workplace Analytics module for $1 per user per month for the next three (3) months!
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OLi Benefits

Audit and Forensics

– Reduced Absenteeism
– Increased Active Time
– Improved Force to Load Modeling
– Improved Customer Satisfaction
– Improved Employee Engagement

Process Mining

– Increased Automations
– Reduction in Human Defects
– Increased Process Improvements
– Reduced Employee Frustrations
– Reduced Operational Expenses


– Higher eNPS Score
– Increased Employee Feedback
– Increased Recognition and Rewards
– Increased EmployeeAdoption to Rewards


– Increased Employee Adoption Percentage
– Increased Time spent on Wellbeing
– Improved Wellness Survey Score
– Reduced Sick Time
– Reduced Burnout

Micro Learning

– Increased Time Spent learning
– Improved Percentage Correct Responses
– Improved Focus During Learning
– Increased Learning Survey Score

Security Vulnerabilities

– Increased Real-time Reminders
– Improved Security Posture
– Decrease in Security Events
– Increase in Security Compliance

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