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Business leaders across the enterprise collaborate in OLiTM to increase productivity, understand and improve application adoption.

Picture of Randy Steinle

Randy Steinle

CEO/Co-Founder @ Cyber Trust Alliance

“The first time I saw OLi, I could immediately envision the impact it could make in our healthcare compliance and security business. There are a multitude of solutions attempting to take on challenges of security and vulnerability management, but rarely do they address the single most critical item . . . the human component. OLi monitors both machine behavior as well as human behavior for security gaps and vulnerabilities, and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s the single most exciting and effective new technology on the market in this space!”

OLiTM Difference

Many solutions can show you how much time employees are working, OLi takes the data further by interacting and driving productivity at personalized level.

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Team Productivity

  • Insights into how team members communicate and collaborate can help identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in workflows
  • Understanding what applications or websites are most used can indicate whether employees are staying focused
  • For remote teams, get insights into how well employees are adapting to and managing in a remote work environment

Activity Insights & Behaviors

  • Insights into time management skills and potential areas for efficiency improvements
  • Make informed decisions about resource allocation and workload management
  • Identify skill gaps or areas where additional training could enhance performance and productivity

Workload Distribution

  • Insights for making informed decisions about where to allocate additional resources or where to scale back
  • Identify skill gaps or areas where the team is particularly strong
  • Uneven work distribution can lead to stress and burnout among employees

Communication Insights

  • Understand if meetings are overused or underutilized, guiding improvements in communication strategies
  • Create the right balance between collaborative activities (like meetings) and work
  • Set realistic expectations and deadlines, considering the time spent on communication and coordination

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