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Audit Logs

We not only capture the content of user inquiries and responses but also metadata like timestamps, user identifiers, and session details.

Comprehensive logging aids in diagnosing issues, understanding user behavior, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Moreover, with the potential sensitivity of user-bot interactions, a secure, tamper-proof storage mechanism is crucial to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the logs

Role Based Access Control

We support delineating permissions and ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific information.

By assigning roles such as 'administrator,' 'user,' or ‘job function’ or ‘department’; AskOLiTM can streamline interactions and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. This hierarchical approach not only bolsters security but also facilitates ease of management, especially in complex organizational settings.

Product Security

We protect your data by applying a multi-tiered data security model, adhering to stringent data security practices and good data governance processes.

To fortify your security, AskOLiTM is built on secure code principles, implementing encrypted communication channels, and utilizes regular vulnerability assessments.

Deployment Options

Public, Private Cloud and On Prem

Public Cloud deployment provides scalability and flexibility, allowing AskOLiTM to quickly get you started and easily handle fluctuating user demands while benefiting from the robust infrastructure of cloud providers. Private Cloud offers a more controlled environment, ideal for businesses with stringent data security and privacy concerns, ensuring that resources are dedicated and isolated. On-Premises deployment, offers the highest level of control and customization. it's especially suited for organizations with strict regulatory requirements or those seeking to integrate deeply with existing IT ecosystems.

SLA and Support

We guarantee a significant uptime, typically upwards of 99.5%, ensuring that AskOLiTM is consistently available for user interactions.

Any unplanned downtimes will be addressed with clear protocols for resolution. From a support perspective we offer real-time troubleshooting, FAQs, and direct assistance from technical teams to address concerns or issues. Together, a robust SLA and dedicated support ensures that AskOLiTM remains an effective and reliable tool for end-users.

Privacy and Compliance

Built on principles that prioritize data protection, minimize unnecessary data retention, and ensure transparency in data usage.

It's imperative that we adhere to global data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, which mandate clear user consent and provide avenues for data access or deletion requests. Regular compliance audits, anonymization of stored data, and transparent privacy policies further reinforce user trust, making certain that AskOLiTM interactions respect user rights and maintain the highest standards of data confidentiality and integrity.

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