Advanced gamification to achieve results in the modern workplace

Brian Chace

Brian Chace

VP Operations @ Resilient Healthcare, Inc.

“OLi’s Gaming Assistant introduces a fun and gamified way to further engage employees. We are delighted with the solution because engaged employees are happy employees, and that is driving better patient experiences.”

OLiTM makes engagement and performance data driven. OLi recognizes employees by awarding points and badges as they meet the goals in real-time.

Recognize and Reward at the Right Time

  • Provide feedback as soon as goals are met
  • Let employees redeem rewards when they want in the virtual store
  • Provide real time support to let employees achieve their goals

Targeted Improvement

  • Integrate or capture KPIs needed to target specific improvements at different levels
  • Personalize improvements needed to achieve corporate goals
  • Create challenges with dynamic goals

Move the Needle

  • Consistently and personalization to reinforce the best practices to improve individual performance
  • Quickly assess the progress and achievements of individuals
  • Compare historical performance trends and recent actions.

Improve Employee Experience

  • Maximize performance of every employee
  • Create a culture of continuous improvements to engagement and feedback
  • Cultivate team spirit and continuous feedback

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