Micro Learning

Simplify learning for continuous skill Improvement

Picture of Dr. Jackleen Samuel

Dr. Jackleen Samuel

President/CEO @ Resilient Healthcare, Inc.

“With ever-changing healthcare regulations, it is important to ensure ongoing training is completed regularly and the information is retained with high comprehension. OLi’s Micro Learning solution ensures that learning is not seen as a nuisance and makes the educational process contextual when employees are best able to focus on training.”

OLi’s Micro Learning assistant delivers the right training to the right employee at the right time based on their demonstrated knowledge and performance data.

AI Initiated Personalized Micro Learning

  • Intelligently present bite sized learning opportunities
  • Detect and eliminate knowledge gaps
  • Measure learning effectiveness easily and regularly

Non-Distracting Learning Opportunities

  • Identify the right time to engage employees in learning activities
  • Present learning content such as videos, pdf’s or internal cources
  • Personalize right sized learning content for maximum enagagement

Adaptive and Spaced Learning

  • Continuously measure knowledge retention to adapt learning to each employee
  • Have employees refresh learnings using spaced repetition
  • Learn at the moment of need

Advanced Gamification to Drive Learning

  • Maximize performance of every employee
  • Create a culture of continuous improvements to engagement and feedback
  • Cultivate team spirit and continuous feedback

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