Motivation & Wellness

AI based motivation and wellness interactions for the modern workplace

Picture of Dr. Salim Samanani

Dr. Salim Samanani

Founder/Medical Director @ OKAKI

“We are grateful for the support that OLi’s Wellbeing Assistant has provided to our employees. The tools and resources offered by OLi have helped to improve the physical and mental health of our team, leading to a happier and more productive workforce. We have seen a positive impact on both individual and team performance, and we couldn’t have done it without OLi’s help.”

OLiTM presents personalized wellness reminders such as drinking water, stretching, and breathing exercises that can be done within 2 to 5 mins.

AI Driven Personalized Wellness Reminders

  • Present wellness opportunities that can be performed quickly in a few minutes
  • Weave wellness habits into the work to improve focus
  • Measure impact using survey and feedback

Motivate and Drive Adoption Using Gamifciation

  • Assign rewards such as points, badges and titles to improve adoption
  • Use team and individual competitions to increase engagement
  • Let employees redeem rewards whenever they want

Reduce Burnout and Improve Focus

  • Present the right breathing, mindfulness or stretching reminders to reduce stress
  • Identify users at the risk of burnout based on activity and feedback
  • Help employees take charge of their health by taking actions that provides quick results.

Create a Better Corporate Culture of Ease and Focus

  • Send motivation messages and reminders at the right time to inspire and drive the right culture
  • Understand work behaviours with in teams to send the right motivations messages
  • Create a culture of recognition and empathy by reminding employees at the right time

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