Operational Excellence

Businesses that successfully integrate data, technology, and people produce 3 times more productivity.

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Imran Memon

Manager/Owner @ Zodiac Solutions Inc.

“We are thrilled with the improvements we have seen in our operations since implementing OLi. The streamlined processes and tools have helped us increase efficiency and productivity, leading to a higher level of operational excellence. Our team is now better equipped to deliver top-notch service to our customers, and we couldn’t have done it without OLi’s insights into our operational data. Thank you for providing such a valuable tool.”

Operational Excellence/ Productivity Module

Reimagine work with complete visibility into what is being done and how long it takes.

With hybrid work and new technologies, OLiTM lets you measure how long it takes to complete tasks at individual and team level to manage workforce accordingly.

AI Assisted Activity Mapping

AI assisted activity mapping across teams, departments & business units

  • Classify the URLs and applications in accordance with their category
  • Depending on the department’s needs, an application or URL may be categorized as production, non production, admin/support, direct, indirect and uncategorized
  • Identify Team trends based on activity type

Technology Usage

Understand where applications hinder or promote productivity.

  • Identify which application and tools are widely used to get the job done
  • Understand usage insights to drive decisions around license and renewals
  • Identify applications that have similar features to cut costs

Understand behaviors that drive your company

  • Identify peak productivity times, and recognizing these patterns can help in avoiding meetings during these times
  • Know when team members are most likely to be working can improve coordination and collaboration within the team
  • Insights into the workplace culture and whether it aligns with the company’s stated values and goals

Work Distribution

Understand how people work together

  • Insights for making informed decisions about where to allocate additional resources or where to scale back
  • Identify skill gaps or areas where the team is particularly strong
  • Uneven work distribution can lead to stress and burnout among employees

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