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Interact and coach employees to improve on more than 35 KPIs

Picture of Randy Steinle

Randy Steinle

CEO/Co-Founder @ Cyber Trust Alliance

“The first time I saw OLi, I could immediately envision the impact it could make in our healthcare compliance and security business. There are a multitude of solutions attempting to take on challenges of security and vulnerability management, but rarely do they address the single most critical item . . . the human component. OLi monitors both machine behavior as well as human behavior for security gaps and vulnerabilities, and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s the single most exciting and effective new technology on the market in this space!”

OLiTM Difference

OLi is an AI platform that lets you understand behaviors by capturing KPIs allowing you to create personalized performance improvement plans.

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Identify Specific Behaviors

  • Set specific and measurable goals for each employee’s coaching plan
  • Depending on the identified behaviors and goals, choose the most effective coaching techniques
  • Use a variety of assessment tools and skill tests to gather comprehensive data about each employee’s abilities and behaviors

Use Personalized Tonality Preference

  • Personalize language and interaction style to match the employee’s level of understanding and comfort
  • Adding a personal touch can make your message more relatable and impactful
  • Use Generative AI to fine tune your messages based on adoption

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

  • Use KPIs captured by OLi to set goals, allowing OLi to present coaching at the right time
  • Import KPIs from other systems to create a robust set of goals
  • Implement regular touch points to help in tracking progress and making necessary adjustments

Recognize Improvement

  • Flexible personalized goals that can be adjusted to continue challenging and developing performance
  • Be consistent in how you recognize improvement across all employees to ensure fairness and maintain morale
  • Make employees aware of their own growth and recognize their own improvements Self-awareness is a key component of continuous development

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