Process Mining for AI Adoptability

AI adoption is a must to keep adding more value to your customers.

Picture of Randy Steinle

Randy Steinle

CEO/Co-Founder @ Cyber Trust Alliance

“The first time I saw OLi, I could immediately envision the impact it could make in our healthcare compliance and security business. There are a multitude of solutions attempting to take on challenges of security and vulnerability management, but rarely do they address the single most critical item . . . the human component. OLi monitors both machine behavior as well as human behavior for security gaps and vulnerabilities, and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s the single most exciting and effective new technology on the market in this space!”

OLiTM Difference

OLi is a single Ai platform that enables you to identify the efficiencies along with the people aspect of transformation and adoption.

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Identify Where AI Adoption can Bring the Biggest Benefit

  • Rank the processes based on the potential impact of AI and the feasibility of implementation
  • Insights are based on factors like cost, technical challenges, and the expected return on investment
  • Continuously monitor the performance and impact of AI and fine tune results

Understand Processes Across Systems, Desktops and Teams

  • Identify variations in how different teams or individuals carry out the same process
  • Identify processes that are repetitive and have predictable outcomes, which are ideal for AI
  • Make process review a regular activity, as business environments and technologies are constantly evolving

Trigger Automations in the Flow of Work

  • Seamlessly integrate automation tools into existing workflows to make their usage a natural part of employees’ daily activities
  • Remind employees on when and how to use these automations, including any limitations
  • Easy to use interface for triggering automations through simple fields

Assist People With Adoption and Change Management

  • Assist employees on how to interpret AI outputs and how to interact with AI systems
  • Ensure that employees understand how to use the new AI tools effectively and how these tools integrate into their daily workflows
  • Regularly collect feedback from employees to understand challenges

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