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Reinvent Productivity: A New Era for Productivity in Business

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In the dynamic world of business, staying ahead isn't just about pace; it's about redefining productivity. For CEOs and senior leaders, the emergence of AI offers a groundbreaking opportunity to gain competitive edge, but companies are challenged with which AI approaches to implement, how they can help, and how to drive adoption to fuel transformation.

The Competitive Content Edge with Generative AI

Generative AI is transforming content creation across the business landscape, offering to automate the production of text, images, music, and more. It's about innovation and creation, enabling businesses to push boundaries and accelerate the delivery of vast stores of rich, trusted information. This technological edge is vital in a competitive market and OLi’s Generative agent, AskOLi, harnesses the power of data already authorized for use in your organization as well as the wider Internet. AskOLi can be tuned to your corporate standards and restrict or grant access to specific data on a per-user basis. This ensures confidence in the results and enables faster deployment of AI into traditional business environments.

Understanding Work Processes with Predictive AI

A critical aspect of leveraging AI in the workplace is gaining a deep understanding of how work is done within your organization. This involves analyzing existing workflows and identifying areas where AI can bring the most significant impact. Leveraging its Predictive Analytics components, OLi can identify the right tasks or steps where process redesigns, integrations, or automations can be successfully aligned with your team’s unique work methods, ensuring that AI solutions enhance rather than disrupt workflow.

The Human Factor: Adoption of AI in the workplace

The success of any new solution heavily depends on people’s adoption. OLi powers the change management process through use of intelligent “assistants”. When these assistants detect identified patterns or habits, they can interact with employees and coach them at the right time to adopt preferred behaviors and/or processes. Through these helpful interactions employees can understand the benefits of AI, how it will assist them in the tasks they perform, and be provided with the necessary training. This human-centric approach ensures a smoother transition and maximizes the potential of AI technologies.

Real-World Success Stories

OLi has helped companies in Communications, IT Services, Healthcare and BPO/Call Centers across multiple industry segements to identify productivity improvements by coaching employees to adopt new AI at the right time, identifying repetitive tasks and demonstrating the saving of $35 million per year by integrating AI into their business activity, achieving remarkable improvements in speed to complete tasks and decision-making efficiency.

Try OLi to to get to know the state of your organizations productivity and stay ahead of competition.

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