Sustainable Employee Engagement & Culture Improvement

Build a dynamic workplace culture by actively nurturing employee goals with game mechanics to foster a sense of belonging

Picture of Randy Steinle

Randy Steinle

CEO/Co-Founder @ Cyber Trust Alliance

“The first time I saw OLi, I could immediately envision the impact it could make in our healthcare compliance and security business. There are a multitude of solutions attempting to take on challenges of security and vulnerability management, but rarely do they address the single most critical item . . . the human component. OLi monitors both machine behavior as well as human behavior for security gaps and vulnerabilities, and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s the single most exciting and effective new technology on the market in this space!”

OLiTM Difference

OLi is a single Ai platform that lets you understand behaviors and create personalized engagement strategies using game mechanics and interactions to build culture.

Dataken Clients Experience:

Improvement in Employee Engagement Survey Score
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Improvement in employee experience
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Involve Employees in Being Engaged With Gamification

  • Create Games on KPIs captured by OLiTM or other corporate systems
  • Deliver Interactions to keep employee engaged with competitive techniques
  • Personalize coaching tonality based on what is driving change

Incremental Improvements

  • Create achievable weekly, monthly goals to make it achievable
  • Drive permanent change by keeping the goal clear and measurable
  • Personalize Improvements based on activity & performance

Team Building with Games

  • Create custom teams based on similar behaviors to keep it interesting
  • Shift employees between teams easily based on their adoption
  • Create casual and fun interactions between team members
Task Mining

Regular Feedback & Surveys

  • Break surveys into small parts & deliver them at the right time
  • Drive up to a 100% response rate to surveys without leadership involvement
  • Provide feedback on where employees can improve in a measured way

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