Task/Process Mining

Continuously identify process inefficiencies to reinvent productivity

Manish Patel

Manish Patel

Principal @ CMG Companies

“We have been extremely pleased with the impact OLi’s Process Assistant has had on our operations. I was surprised at how the process maps differed from our documented processes. The ability to automate and optimize our processes has saved us time and resources, allowing us to focus on delivering the best possible experience to our customers. Our team can now work more efficiently and effectively, thanks largely to the assistance provided by OLi”

Gain an accurate perspective of your processes, identify areas for improvement, and generate immediate impact

Discover Every Business Process

  • Application-agnostic data collection with no blind spots
  • AI and ML models to identify activity patterns and transform granular data into process
  • Continuous data capture in the background collects granular details across the enterprise

Drill Down To Know Process Granularity

  • Drill down by role, team or frequency to understand process variations across teams or regions
  • Identify the most valuable and quick places to insert automation
  • Know the most granular information possible to collect and identify patters

Predict and Prompt Users To Trigger Automations

  • Predict user’s next actions to request additional business information needed to automate
  • Present opportunities to remind users about automation
  • Let users trigger automation directly as they work to save minutes on repeated transactions

Discovery In The Flow Of Work

  • Understand the context of the task being performed without disruptions
  • Computer vision and OCR convert digital screenshots into structured data
  • Process intelligence identifies automations and lets you visualize where to improve workflow

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