Dataken is an AI Powered Human Analytics Platform

To Achieve Operational Excellence

Desktop Based AI Assistant

OLiTM is a desktop-based AI virtual assistant that comprehends business activities and provides employees with individualized interactions that enhance their productivity, engagement, skills, mental clarity, well-being, and ability to finish tasks on time whether on the desktop or through Microsoft Teams.

LLM Based Knowledge Assistant

AskOLiTM lets you deploy multiple LLMs with strategic and comprehensive approach taking into account a variety of factors, including cost, accuracy, agility, and most importantly, data security. AskOLi’s excellent framework lets you deploy LLMs to address your static content, real-time integrations, and process workflows.

It’s the Ultimate Platform with

AI Assistants for Employee Performance

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Improve Value Across Every Phase Of The Employee Lifecycle

Process Mining for AI Adoptability

  • Identify the right tasks for AI adoption based on frequency & how tasks are completed
  • Complete visibility on how work gets done outside of your core systems
  • Insights on changing behaviors as they happen
  • Understand disconnected systems and their impact

Dataken Clients Experience

  • 20% productivity boost
  • Save 15% on unnecessary licenses
  • 30% more balanced workload across team

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